Tio Point Oysters
The Oyster
Our cold water flat oyster which we have named Tio Point is called Tiostrea chilensis. It used to be called Ostrea luturia but was renamed because the Chilean oyster which is the same oyster and the only other place in the world where it occurs was discovered and named first. It is closely related to the famous French oyster Ostrea edulis which typically is called a Belon; named after the area in France at the mouth of the Belon river where many of the oysters are grown in rack culture systems.

Our oysters particularly are characterised by high meat to shell ratios, plump and firm, with a sweet salty flavour which is both distinct and complex. The visual appeal is outstanding and these oysters are recognised world wide as a favourite of oyster connoisseurs.

Tio Point Oysters

About the Tio Point Name
Tio is the Maori name for oyster and Tio Point is at the entrance to one of the two bays where we cultivate this outstanding cold water oyster. The other culture area is nearby. The name reflects the suitability of the waters where the oyster is cultivated.

In New Zealand it is called variously - Bluff oyster, Foveaux StraitTM oyster, Dredge oyster, Flat oyster, Nelson oyster, Tasman Bay oyster and occurs naturally throughout New Zealand. Most of the commercial production dredged from the seafloor with large steel dredges is from Foveaux Strait and Tasman Bay where conditions are suitable for a wild catch.

Our Tio Point oysters are held in deep cold water in hanging culture away from grit and sediment and in the zone where the phytoplankton is at its highest.

Tio Point Oysters