Tio Point Oysters
Handling - Storage & Handling Tips
Our Tio Point oysters have been hand packed carefully flat side up to retain the liquor which connoisseurs' regard as part of the eating experience and which keeps the oysters moist. It is imperative that to retain the flavour and longevity, the oysters are checked on delivery to see they remain flat side up and that they remain way when some are removed.

Oysters are living animals and require the right balance of temperature and moisture to remain live and edible. Preferably store oysters under a continuous ceiling of melt ice at a temperture that allows the ice to melt through the oysters and not collect in the oyster container.

If you have to use a chiller or refrigerator, cover with damp paper towels.

Ice or ice packs will kill the oyster they contact. Held moist at a temperature that ensures they do not 'gape' is necessary for long life.

Do Not
Store oysters in a sealed plastic bag or other airtight container.

Store Oysters where they will freeze or where the temperature is over 10C unless they are in an insulated container and under a ceiling of melt ice.

Allow the ice to run out if using the preferred method of holding under a ceiling of melt ice.

Wet store oysters off a wharf, boat, in the restaurant aquarium or any body of water. We pay substantial sums of money to ensure our growing waters are pristine and your customers are safe when they eat our product raw, food safety is our lifeblood . We take it very seriously!