Tio Point Oysters
About Us
Apex Marine Farm Ltd is owned by two families (Bruce and Jill Hearn and Lloyd David) and is based in Blenheim NZ. We mainly grow green shell mussels(GSM) and now our Tio Point Oysters as well as few experimental Paua(abalone) for meat and pearls. The company has nine farms of our own, sharefarm another three and manage another one. We operate four boats and a mussel harvester.

Bruce has been in the aquaculture business for over thirty five years and the company holds the first commercial sized farm (Licence No 2) issued in New Zealand.

Lloyd has been in the aquaculture business also for almost the same length of time as Bruce.

We have been trying to culture oysters for some time and it is only recently we have had success with the challenging flat oysters which are recognised as the worlds best oyster but with little deep water culture due to a number of operational problems.

Oyster Bay